Coaching Programs

Improving your game and lowering handicaps requires a consistent & effective action plan. Let me help you create a solid game plan and clear the clutter of swing thoughts in your head!

Commit to a consistent program that Jordan will create for you. THE STUDENTS THAT IMPROVE THE MOST COMMIT TO A REGULAR DAY/TIME FOR THEIR LESSONS & PRACTICE! I encourage 2 lessons per month & 1 short game evaluation/improvement time per month. YOU WILL IMPROVE! Stick to the schedule and plan, YOU WILL IMPROVE!
  1. Schedule your initial lesson or as I call it "New Student Assessment".
  2. Coach Jordan will listen to your concerns about your game and hear your future goals.
  3. Body measurement and a movement assessment will be taken as you begin to warm-up and hit golf balls.
  4. Video analysis, Flightscope data and 3D video will be captured to fully assess your strengths and weakness. Putting strokes will also be captured with technology to clearly show where the inconsistency may stem from. Jordan will clearly show your the sequential steps that need to be taken to help you step-by-step to improve your game.
  5. Choose the package that works for you, based on the plan set forth by Coach Jordan and your schedule. Generally 1 lesson at least every 2 weeks is encouraged, whether it is 1-hour or 30 minutes, or to work on either chipping and/or putting.
  6. Individual lesson booking is up to you, the student, however it's encouraged to set up the schedule ahead of time either online or with JL. Students with a Coaching Series can book up to 2 months in advance, vs 1 month.  
    • *Book lessons online or email

*student is encouraged to pre-book lessons on a regular basis either weekly or bi-weekly for a 3 month period to ensure consistent coaching. Best day's for regular-lessons is Wednesday's,  & Friday AM