JLG - High School Development

The 2024 JLG High School Development program is for junior golfers looking to have a solid process for improvement and preparation for high school/college golf, or to make golf a lifelong sport in general!! 

Consistent, Guided Practice + Knowledge = KEY to Improvement 

The program is structured to help build all-around junior golfers. The program will include all facets of building a confident player. All coaching will be lead by LPGA Class A Professional, Jordan Lintz.

Topics of focus for the program will include: structured practice sessions in small groups of 3-5 (winter 3 max), individual lessons, rules seminars, skills testing, golf etiquette sessions, golf fitness sessions and more. 


  • Golfers 8th-12th grade
  • Desire to improve their golf games!
  • Become more efficient when you play, work towards breaking 100, 90, or 80 step by step
  • Positive attitude and work ethic


  • 2-hour weekly practices (Winter only 1.5 hours)
  • Every practice/training day will have a different focus. All geared toward building strong and consistent fundamentals, lowering scores and learning how to compete. Examples of a typical practice may include 2-3 of the following:
    • Short Game drills and better club selection game plans
    • Putting Improvement - distance control, alignment and green reading strategies
    • Solid ball striking foundation
    • Wedge distance control practice 
      • actual distances measured via Flightscope
    • Iron distance control. Learn to be consistent and how to choose the right club. All State Honors
      • actual distances measured via Flightscope 
    • Driving consistency
    • K-Vest Biofeedback 
    • Add clubhead speed and balance for power
    • Decision making tactics
    • Skill Testing
    • Shot making improvements
    • Golf fitness exercises and drills for core strength and flexibility improvement
  • Small group (3-5 juniors) practice & on-course play with peers 
    • Winter Indoors 2 juniors
  • JLGolf Gear
  • Op 36 On Course 9-hole Challenges (Spring/Summer)


Winter (Indoor) Series - Wake Up Golf Muscles!

  • 90 minute practices
  • maximum 3 students per session
  • Short Game
  • Full Swing 
  • Golf Fitness/Speed Training
  • Video Analysis
  • $85 per practice

Tuesday's  3:30 - 5:00pm

  • February 13th, 27th, March 5th, 19th, 26th

Saturday's 11am - 12:30pm -or- 1:30 - 3:00pm

  • February 10th, 17th, March 2nd, 23rd, 30th